Welcome to the Church of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. We are an end times ministry teaching Yahveh's (God's) word The King James Bible as translated from the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts from which The King James Bible was translated into the English language. 

Pastor John D. Gardner

God's real name is YHVH meaning I AM THAT I AM. With vowels it is spelled Yahveh. It is pronounced Ya-ha-veh.

When you pray you should use His real name.

The name Easter is written one time in the Bible in Acts 12:4. It was a mistranslation of the word pascha the ordinary Greek word for Passover. Actually Easter was a pagan festival about the time of Passover honoring the false goddess Eoster a pagan goddess of light and spring. During that festival they had sexual orgies which are where the Easter bunny [quick reproduction like a bunny] and Easter eggs a symbol and sign of fertility became part of what is actually Passover. Some church leaders during that time period let the name Passover become changed to Easter in order to bring pagans into their church. The name Easter, and Easter bunnies, and eggs have no business being connected with Passover the high Sabbath of the year, the day after Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross for your sins, in order that you would have the opportunity to be forgiven for your sins and trespasses against Yahveh If. The IF is IF you are sincerely trying to put Yahveh [God] first in your life by doing His will. His will is for you to learn and become a doer of His word.

To call Passover Easter and associate eggs and rabbits with Yahveh’s [God’s] church is an abomination [detestable and disgusting] to Yahveh. [God]

                                                 The Beginning of Passover

Because of Pharaohs unwillingness to let The Israelites go [they were in bondage to Egypt for 400 years as it is written in Exodus chapter twelve] Yahveh [God] told Moses to instruct the Israelites to slay a lamb and apply the blood of the lamb upon the door posts of their dwellings because He was going to bring a plague upon all of Egypt. This plague would kill all first born of both mankind and beast if the blood of the Lamb slain was not applied to their door posts. If the blood of the lamb was applied to their door posts the death angel would pass over that dwelling sparing all people within that dwelling. The Passover at that time teaches us what Passover means today. By the blood of Jesus Christ the death angel satan can pass over you. If you put Jesus Christ first in your life by being a doer of His word, the death angel satan will pass over you; you will be granted eternal life.

There would be another lamb slain the day before Passover for all mankind. Symbolically this Lamb would be the Lamb of Yahveh [God] our Lord Jesus Christ who became our Passover. 


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